Welcome to the Boaties Network!

Ever wanted to feel part of a network, a community a group of like minded people?  Do you have a love, a passion, or connection with boating and being out on the water?

You are at the right place.

Boaties Network is connecting you to others that know exactly how you feel about boating.  Connecting you to places to dine by boat, events, others out and about, day trips , good spots.

We are though doing this slowly and we ask for your patience as we build and grow and the wait will we assure you be worth it.

We are asking you to send through your experiences, your favourite spots or even just your stories.  Let others connect with you and you with them.

Boating is truly a great pleasure that should be shared, so please do so with us and we will be sure to continue to grow this site.

Happy and Safe Boating.

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